Sunday, February 23, 2014

dump the old energy drains

You cant relay on people to be what you want them to be. You cant expect for anyone to have the same values as you or treat you as you have treated them.

The are so many complexities for people who consider themselves "compassionate" for those who strive for a better world. It is hard to extend yourself to people who pretend to be your friend and then find out later just how much of a lie that is.

But it is also the fault of the compassionate person as well.

How so?

Because a person will often lose themselves and give so much outward that they forget to take care of the self. They seek approval in friendship not being aware that the friends that they have chosen to be around are only there because they seek the compassion energy of someone.

You have to love yourself 1st....if someone wants to be around, they will love you for you and not because what you do for them, how much you give them or always being the soundboard for problems etc.

The ones that only want to drain you?

Well they are not friends, so set yourself free. It may be painful, as you may have known them for a long time. But it is like hitting yourself in the foot with a hammer constantly, day after day, week after week and slowly forgetting that it is a choice to do so....then someone comes along and says " Ah, you know you can stop that, right?"

Who knows? that person just may wind up to be a new friend.

The Rabid Monk

Friday, February 21, 2014

Trust fund Buddha

Today's rant is going to be a about a 2014 interpretation of Buddha and the spiritual homeless.

Okay, most know that Buddha was Prince ( a very rich prince). He walked away from his money to go find himself ( much like many trust fund babies who can "go and find themselves" and live in a yurt ( with wifi of course) for a while and then go back to daddy's company or live off the trust fund after the are "found".

He ( Buddha) then became homeless and walked around a while to find who he was. Okay, seeking the self is noble. Seeking answers to "why of life"...awesome. The issue I have with many religions passing on the history and the issue that I "discovered" within while I was searching for the answers in our timeframe?

That many people who seek fully, 100%, don't have anything to fall back on. If that enlightenment shit doesn't work out, they cant go back to Daddy's palace ( company). While I love many of the concepts of Buddhism, the truth was Buddha was a trust fund baby. Now don't get all pissed that I said that, it is the truth and the truth sets people free ( I have a big ass tattoo of Buddha on my arm since I was 19, remember I said I loved the concepts..oh yeah, I am cool, I have a "Tat").

Siddhartha Guatama didn't have the subconscious worry of money imprinted onto his brain while he went on his quest. He wasn't the same saddled with the same weight, the same financial burden as a "regular" person was. He could just roam around and test himself, if it didn't work out, well back to the palace and riches it was. It is funny, that people forget that he sat and begged for food from people, but those who are homeless today, well fuck them right? they are "bums"....Did you ever think that a "bum" could be the 21st century Buddha in the making?

You never know who is who....right? You never know.

So does that whole "leave all behind" apply to the person working 2 jobs trying to find themselves in the 21st century?

How about the single Mom, trying to find peace while she takes care of kids and a household? Can she "journey" and feel so at peace while doing so?

Spiritual reality today is different that was in the past, that is the reason for the Rabid Monk's in your face type of instruction. We can achieve what those did in the past, we can unlock the same energies...but we have to do it based upon where WE are, NOT where THEY were.

How oh do we do that, Rabid Monk you say?

Well one way is to respect the principles of all religions...the essence to what they all are trying to is this truth, the truth within and all around, no bullshitting, no ignoring...the provides other worldly connections and miracles on this plane of existence ( trust me on that). But realize that we cannot take the principles spoken thousands of years ago, literally in today's society.

Spiritual truth is fluid, flowing and becomes the time and space we the past, be the now.

There are many amazing things in religions and also many confusing elements.....will I address other religions in the future?

Oh you betcha.

The Rabid Monk

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Closed lips, equals open mind

The mystery of spiritual results begins with the shutting of ones mouth. The opening the mind begins when the ego is released and a person can let go of the desire to access the endless horseshit of opinions and judgements.

All past sages spoke of this , so unless they were assholes, they were onto something, so maybe give it a try.

The Rabid Monk

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Cookie cutter

When is it ever the correct " time" in a person's life to discover new concepts and take a chance?

Every single moment.

The issue however is that people get locked in same ol same ol. Goth kids hang with goth kids, golf guys hang with golf guys, yoga women hang with yoga women.

This is a comfort zone. Friends should challenge you, awe you , be supportive but not be a clone. Yup you and your friends are so different, that is why you all dress and look alike.

Break down the invisible walls of acceptance to see outside, the breath of fresh air that you will breathe is called diversity.....which is part of the evolution of our mind, body and soul.

The Rabid Monk

Thursday, February 13, 2014

drop your pants

Lets look at depression today...I was asked by a loyal Rabid Monk Facebook fan to do so.

We all have have been depressed at one point in our lives.

This energy can feel as if you are swimming in a sea of glue that just attracts more and more shit your way. When this happens, it seems the more answers you seek, the more you get confused. Many years ago, I had a couple of Dr's send me their patients because they just couldn't help them with depression.

So what "magic shit" did I perform? what "miracle" ?

I was simply me, I listened to them and made them laugh. Sometimes when a person is in midst of the shit storm all they need is to laugh, I know it sounds silly. But laughter can help to break the cement weight of depression. I was myself, a big mouthed , big hearted, clown who would do anything for a laugh...once I even dropped my pants for a laugh one time during an appointment to help shift the energy in someone ( I am not going to drop my pants for this page, well, maybe, hey! idea for a cartoon--see above!) that is the 100% truth.

Of course there is always medication to help as well and I am actually a fan of living life and allowing anything to aid you. This whole "medication thing is wrong" can be bullshit. There are many variables to life and sometimes a person needs a extra little help.

God, the Universer, Buddha, Cheese Sandwich ( whatever you believe in) provides many answers to our endless questions......

The Rabid Monk

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Buzz buzz vibrate

Today's post is all about vibration ( no, not that type)

Yup the good old signal that you project to the world. The radio station, the boom box, the bullhorn.

What do you "yell out" in regards to your truth? Not the truth that people think they project, but the truth that is silently playing within your thoughts...the real one, not the facade.

The "she has fat ass" or " I think this guy is an asshole"....thoughts. Those have massive vibratory power people...and effect you as well. 

Me? I am bold enough to say this truth and I wont continue on and on on how I have massive practical knowledge of all this stuff over the years ( snore).

-I do.

So , clear the mind of all the cobwebs that clog up the thoughts, you need not be all sunshine out the ass all the time, but be aware that those hidden thoughts are also an energy that you project out to the world and as a result, get sent back to you.

Small steps forward still allow you to arrive at your destination of enlightenment.

The Rabid Monk