Friday, November 14, 2014


Food for thought:

We can land on a rock traveling a zillions miles and hour out in space, but we cant stop treating each other like shit on earth.

The Rabid Monk

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Lawn Art

When you decide to " Do your spiritual thang" there will be people that will try and keep to you to the reality that they are comfortable for you to be in.That old energy is just a facet of the change that you seek, so remember, your journey is yours and if you do desire to know more about spiritual endeavors, then you do so because you do not currently accept the status quo (sameness energy). 

Haters will hate, but you have to be willing to see the totality of your experience ( Life) and despite it being difficult, you may have to shake off the old to accept the new.Remember: A full glass cant be filled any longer and just spills shit all over the place, so empty it from time time.

The Rabid Monk

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Spiritual blob

A spiritual blob speaks.

The Rabid Monk

signs, signs, everywhere.......ya,ya, ya,... you get the point.

The coolest part of this spiritual stuff is the ability to understand that all is within. 

Do not bullshit yourself and say "Oh yes Rabid Monk, I know what you speak of, I read that concept in the best selling self help book "You are you and be you to know you so that you can become you"...

You have to experience the truth of the information in physical form...from the internal thought state to the actual transmutation of old energies on an external level. 

Trust me, wild shit is possible, I have countless former clients in my old profession that can validate what I state.

You have to be willing to read the signs (energies) that pop up (internal) in order to get to the destination you desire (external).

The Rabid Monk