Tuesday, January 13, 2015

website up!!!

The NEW Rabid Monk website is up!!!

 I want to thank all the "Rabid Monksters" that signed up for the site today. For me , it is more than a website, it is an extension of my vibe as I truly care and want people to succeed in finding the untapped self within.

Join up, grab an awesome T Shirt and get your new chi on!

The Rabid Monk

Sunday, January 4, 2015

moments in time

Moments in time when connected, create reality. 

Each moment that passes, adds onto who we can become or who we remain to be. 

Spiritual sages appear in all forms when the time is correct to help move energies along..yes they even manifest in the form of a wise ass cartoon on a blog.

The only way to prevent growth? 
Is when you let the past (memories) override the present ( a teacher right in front of you perhaps? )...and allow them to stop you in your tracks.

The Rabid Monk

Friday, December 5, 2014

Ripple isnt just a fruity wine....it is a spiritual reality.

Vibrations or ripples experienced during a persons lifetime help shape who they can become. Silently, like the Gatekeeper hiding behind the curtain in The Wizard of Oz, they pull the levers and help things shift. Are they the totality of human experience? 


They are the result of the human experience.

Did you notice that in order for the fire, smoke and flashes to occur for the Great and powerful Oz that the Gatekeeper had to pull the levers to make it happen?

The Gatekeeper created the outcome through action and that is specifically what I am talking about on this amazing, giving, loving, caring ( and humble) facebook page.

Spiritual information works both on external reality and internal reality so that a person can evolve in a peaceful manor and enjoy the fruits of ones labor and growth. But you have to make the effort to alter the energy of information received from intellectual absorption ( reading/viewing) to genesis (spiritual and physical reality) , you cant see information come your way and say "golly gee wizz, wow, that rings true to me" and then just go back to the sameness that you sought to change....uh uh it doesn’t work that way, homey don't play that.

Sure, from time to time jaw dropping things can occur that twist the idea of reality ( "miracles") but the true miracle is the unlocking of the unification between the physical human and the spiritual one. That really kicks ass. Judgement ( one of the levers that people often accept as reality and pull constantly creating a judgement ripple) often is one of the most dominant energies that automatically fires up and instantly stops a person in their tracks.

This is just old shit holding on…tightly. 

So, shift your perspective and you will see that there are new levers available to you from your new viewpoint in time and space, ones that create….new ripples, a new vibe for you.

The Rabid Monk Ripple Equation:

H + R = : )

Human who has created peaceful action + Ripples cleaning up all the old crappola and returning balanced energy back to the source ( you) = Some good times, good times.

The Rabid Monk

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Failed New Age

Failed New Age Seminar: 

The Passive Aggressive Internal External Contemplative Narcissistic Non Touch Hugging Get Together

The Rabid Monk

Monday, December 1, 2014

Ho Ho Creepy


You see everything everyone is doing? 


The Rabid Monk

Sunday, November 30, 2014

One nation under a groove...

This lesson will be a long winded one, but worth it.

 I was roaming around NYC the last few days doing my spiritual 'thang. I guess I am just like a spiritual johnny appleseed. As I tell people, just create the ripple effect and flow. So I wound up at a music show the other night. 

The band? 

George Clinton Parliament Funkadelic, a great band from the 70's. The venue was packed solid , wall to wall with people and my wife and I tried to find a spot to even stand in the chaos.

After the initial "greeting" from a lovely "friendly" bouncer who decided he didn't like anywhere where my wife and I were standing, I decided to not engage his desire ( HINT: LESSON BEGINS) to unload his compacted hatred on me and walk to the other side of the nightclub to see where we wind up.

So we found a spot near the back of the bar ( still squashed ). 

I then stood next to a large bald mustached iron worker in his 50's from Park Slope Brooklyn( He dripped testosterone). He was a very macho alpha type but also a pretty funny and sweet guy. We began the loud club talk and shared a bunch of laughs( he spoke to me even though I was from Boston, he asked where my accent was from)....then more people came into the club and it began to get very tight. To my left a couple of guys then squeezed in ( also in their 50's) and were hitting the passing ladies with smooth lines...Some were really funny and my wife and I now had a whole pack of people to now have fun with. 

I will condense the story and lesson and say that I spoke and groove danced with a great guy named Phillip I think he said he was from Harlem) on my left who told me all about his life and personal problems ( hmmm, how odd huh?) and told me that I had amazing energy and could dance my ass off for a white guy ( wow, that's news to me...DUH!)....

The show lasted 3 1/2 hours and we had an absolute blast together.
I listened to all his family stories, put my arm around him , took this stranger into my vibe and shifted things along. At one point, we fist bumped and he grabbed my hand and said " Brother, what is up with your bump? my arm is tingling and I feel high"...I laughed and said "Must be the pot fumes from the front of the club"( What am I going to say? that I have altered my vibration to infuse a vibe of aloha, love and change in everyone I touch????)....


The crowd was full of white and black people, brown and white people and the best color, no color at all....just people having an amazing time. 

When we were leaving, my wife hugged the smooth brother and he politely kissed her on the hand, she then hugged the iron worker and he politely kissed her on the hand as well ( after introducing his son that he brought to the show....awesome)...both very classy guys.

So the George Clinton Parliament Funkadelic Show in NYC unified the energy of the country for a moment in time...... 

Ripple needed in USA, Ripple created... NYC work done, check.


When the bouncers of life act negative to you, just flow to the next place in time and space my brothers and sisters and you will find love and happiness.

If you want to feel the vibe:

One nation under a groove ( a song of his) :

"Here's a chance to dance our way out of our constrictions
Gonna be freakin', up and down
Hang up alley way with the groove our
Only guide we shall all be moved"

Much love

The Rabid Monk 

( the spiritual brother who can dance his ass off for a white guy)