Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Spiritual blob

A spiritual blob speaks.

The Rabid Monk

signs, signs, everywhere.......ya,ya, ya,... you get the point.

The coolest part of this spiritual stuff is the ability to understand that all is within. 

Do not bullshit yourself and say "Oh yes Rabid Monk, I know what you speak of, I read that concept in the best selling self help book "You are you and be you to know you so that you can become you"...

You have to experience the truth of the information in physical form...from the internal thought state to the actual transmutation of old energies on an external level. 

Trust me, wild shit is possible, I have countless former clients in my old profession that can validate what I state.

You have to be willing to read the signs (energies) that pop up (internal) in order to get to the destination you desire (external).

The Rabid Monk

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Stayin alive

A Rabid Tale:

I went to see a very funny band this past weekend that does heavy metal versions of Bee Gee songs…( Don’t all spiritual sages do things like that?) they are very talented comedians/musicians and put on a very high energy show.

I tried with all my might not make it happen, as it would involve this weird thing for me : pleasure. You see , the spiritual practice that I do never stops..ever and constant spiritual work and shifting energies truly envelops my life.

All the bad news on the TV?

-I do spiritual “things”,

All the global news of illness?

-Yup, I do “things”,

All my trips abroad?,

-Yuppers, I do them for a specific spiritual reasons to shift global energies….

This page?

-Yup, to bring joy and spiritual education to people I will never know.

In fact, at my peak, a few years ago during the economic downturn and global crisis, I slept no more than 3 hours a night for roughly 3 years as I was "doing my stuff” non stop. I am not complaining, I am just stating fact, but it seems that I care so much about what is going on and being the “man behind the curtain” that I can never actually “let loose” anymore.

So my own subconscious was replaying a pattern in my life as it only knew constant spiritual energy shifting and the related work. I was up the night prior ( working on many issues) and could not sleep, as there was much going on with recent events regarding disease, war, etc…so I was doing my “job” and trying to do my part to move things along.

The next day I was exhausted and had to cancel an appointment with someone and felt bad for doing so ( she asked me to help her). But I still had to go into Boston and pick up my wife and that is where the “fun” began.

I felt guided to do a meditation prior to leaving to get her and saw images while in the meditation: A huge wave behind me, pushing me forward….I was still sleepy in the image, but the wave acted like a supportive “pillow” to me. Almost at the conclusion of the meditation, an image came into my mind of a clock….but the hands were headed backwards, against time and I then saw the image of myself, when I was a “rocker” in the 1980’s ( yes, I was long haired and quite sexy) and then my meditation ended.

So after picking my wife up, she wanted to get lunch ( I was beyond tired being up for 22 hours at this point), so that led us to walk to get lunch, she then wanted to see a lego art exhibit in Faneuil Hall in Boston, so we walked the 2 miles to the location. Walked around it and then walked back to our business….( the wave behind me, pushing me along). She wanted to take a nap before heading out to the club and did so at our office….I didn’t fall asleep, as I felt “odd”.

When she awoke, we then walked the 1 1/2 miles to the nightclub to see the band.

Now, I haven’t been in a “rock” club for a long time and it brought back many memories for me ( the clock was heading backwards). Just before the band came on, my wife wiggled us up to the front to get a good view. She was making small chat with people around us and I heard a voice…I turned and looked into the face of the drummer of one of the back up bands.

I said to him is your name Mark? He said “Yes”, ( I then said his last name) he said “Yes”….I said Mark it is me ( my real name)…his face went into shock….

I haven’t seen him for 30 years and we cracked up.

We laughed about the old rocker days ( I used to be a musician) and talked about times gone bye. At that moment, the energy and memories of my “old” life came to the crossroads and met my “now” life….and yes, I then did specific spiritual techniques to shift the memories and energies that popped up as we spoke. Energies that came up once again to be set free. He went his way and I went mine at the end of the show and I felt that part of ( my old rocker) was finally at peace as I walked back to the garage with my wife to begin the long drive home.

I wound up having a great time and I saw once again that all this work, all this spiritual “stuff” that I do…..can only shift what needs to be shifted if you are willing to keep on keepin' on….and I am thankful for that wave that kept me going along, by the end of the day I was up for roughly 30 hours and felt great. If I blew it off and went to bed, I would have never had the chance to visit old stagnations still stuck in the basement.

So, if you try and grasp and judge time, it will surely slip from your fingers…but if you simply are true to who you are, you will be constantly amazed at the outcomes…..time and space are subjective to ones own spiritual consciousness and choice is always the key that makes wild shit transpire.

The Rabid Monk


The Band?
They are called Tragedy ( A heavy metal bee gees tribute) at 1:14 of the video above, some guy yells out at the performer playing a comedy skit of air guitar “ Believe in yourself, lance!!!!!!”…..
yup, that is yours truly telling him to............ "Believe in yourself"

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Show the world your nude suit

Happy Tuesday!! 

( Which seems like Monday due to the holiday, but regardless of that fact, have a Happy Day. Of course in no way did I mean to emotionally offend Tuesday in any way for being the wonderful day that it is, it is as important of a day as Monday ..).

Wha? Ugh.....

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday just emailed, they were all up in arms....okay, okay, okay....ALL DAYS ARE WONDERFUL, EVERY DAY INVOKES HAPPINESS IN THE SAME BALANCED MANOR....

Shit, days are sooooooo sensitive.

The Rabid Monk

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Monky Horror Spiritual Truth


(Wake the fuck up)....the Butterfly effect is real.

Work on the energy of the self and discover the power within you.

The world is currently in a stage of "fucked" so it it is up to those who TRULY seek change to go inward and see what the hell is going on.....develop peace within, You dont need to get all political or express your hidden in anger over some shit that happened to you in your youth that now makes you unable to piss in public...let it go.



The Rabid Monk